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the slight change in the direction that cinema reaches and impacts our minds. It is an (in)visible turn to the audience engagement that can be taken by all films that challenge our moral conscience and behaviour.    

We, the team behind SHIFT CINEMA, challenge your film to take this turn and give our support in this shift by providing creative & daring ideas, strategic tools, guidance & opportunities so build strong outreach campaigns for your film.

CINEMA SHIFT unfolds the message of your film and use it as a base to build strategic bridges for impactful, hybrid campaigns that best serves its essence in creating  significant, positive change in the world.

  • Our strategic bridges are based on:
    • powerful social network tools (real and virtual)
    • transmedia forms (re-purposing footage for different platforms)
    • interdisciplinary strategies (socio - cultural extensions of your film)

The campaigns we propose are “out of the box” or, better say, “out of the film”. This means that we create multi-dimensional extensions of the film according to its impact potential.  

a_BAHN Social Concept Designer



e know it’s difficult for filmmakers to get their films made but then it’s even harder to get their films seen. Moreover, they care about creating sense and meaning in the way their film is consumed and valued. They hope their films would train the moral conscience and the “change-ability” muscle of the audience. They are the filmmakers we are looking for.

Film has always been a powerful tool for education, a catalyst to change minds, to shift behaviors and to start or animate social movements. The fact that nowadays the film has the ability to take almost infinite forms enriches the multi-dimensionality of its impact.

That’s why we propose to SHIFT CINEMA towards innovative and ingenious strategies and new distribution platforms so as it can have a powerful and positive impact in designing our minds and behaviors.

It is said that successful filmmakers start with their audience. We believe the audience is not only a viewer, listener, reader, user and player, but more an “experiencer”.

What if we could shift cinema toward a positive and impactful direction by benefiting and celebrating the new available transmedia tools? We don’t want to change the content of your film, we want to change the way your film is shown, seen and understood not only as a reflexion but also as a drive force for engagement, action and change toward a more conscious world.

It is said that successful filmmakers start with their audience. We believe the audience is not only a viewer, listener, reader, user and player, but more an “experiencer”.

a_BAHN Co-founder


Our goal is to create well-crafted outreach plans/campaigns through different transmedia tools that serves their film’s purpose. Our ultimate goal is to develop a consciousness upon the film directors and producers about the powerful potential their film has to positively impact the society, so as we could create a better world while doing and consuming films.


We create a social impact campaign that is organically integrated in the process of filmmaking. That’s why we propose to work together from an early stage. We also accept to join projects in different production stage, as long as they fit to our editorial philosophy Our FRAMEWORK has three parts:  

(I) First we create the solid base of your campaign:

  • Unfold the film’s idea, analyze the message and get to its essence;
  • Identify the targeted audience(s) / community(ies) and their social context;
  • Explore different paths, vias and platforms in reaching the desired public (third party);
  • Propose a design of multichannel approach for the film’s outreach in its different stage of production;
  • Get involved in the financial plan optimization for impact outreach, including new media funding strategies.

(II) Then we start building and applying the architecture of the social impact strategy:

  • Make a valid calendar and planning for the impact strategy;
  • Work hand by hand with the executive producer in continuous budget optimization;
  • Work mind by mind with the film team in the strategy implementation;
  • Offer guidance in film industry networking and funds finding, including the new media distribution strategic tools ;
  • Equip the film’s team with the right tools toward the implementation and distribution of the campaign.

(III) And finally we follow and accompany the whole process of filmmaking. Adding to the framework (I) and (II), we will:

  • Drive and assess the fabrication of the outreach campaign in all stages;
  • Follow its evolution and consolidate the implementation of the impact strategy;
  • Continuously challenge & adjust the impact potential of the film by giving punctual, creative and original ideas according to the campaign evolution;
  • Working with the project coordinator of the film in measuring the results of the social impact campaign for different platforms (by giving access to practical tools & strategies).


First give us a first touch by completing our small form. We write you back and offer a first FREE skype session where we will trace some big lines of the outreach potential of your project. If we fall in love with each other’s ideas and you are ready to get us financially involved in your project, we propose you:

  • Meet us once in a full day session to work on the solid base of our campaign (see our first framework step – FRAMEWORK (I);
  • Meet us periodically in intense sessions (from 3 – 5 sessions) to start building and applying the architecture of the social impact strategy  (see our first and second framework step – FRAMEWORK (I and II);
  • Meet us regularly so as we can follow and accompany the whole process of designing the social impact campaign of the film in all production stages (see our full framework – FRAMEWORK (I, II and III);
NOTE : (upload your file, doc/pdf max 10 MB)


We believe in multivision. We believe in hardwork. We believe in the wide understanding of the life-complexity.  

We’ve also been: Film Producer / Business development broker / Waitress / VAT assistant for stocks / Pancakes maker & seller / Fashion advisor (fancy name for clothes attendant) / Client Services Director in Communication Agency / Web project manager / Eastern market (film) development / Wife / Mother / PR director in the cinema company / Backpacker:) / Advertising sales manager / City guide / Marketolog / Interpreter / Secretary / School teacher / Babysitter / Head of production and administration / Production assistant / Film Producer / Father / Brother / Cashier in a supermarket / Cleaning lady / Kitchenaid / Laundry employee / Phone Agent for books-sales / Project Director / Author / Audiovisual freelance / Storekeeper / Receptionist / Cook Chef in a restaurant / Actor / School Tutor / Bartender / Video Club Advisor (Ah! The good time of the VHS) / Dishwasher / Architect model maker / Ice cream seller (in the flower-shape! ) / Sociological surveys researcher / Reporter / Film director /  Daughter / Director of Photography / Wedding-photographer/ Virtual Daughter & Lover / Film Editor / Music Composer / Teacher / Customer Service Manager / Handworker in print company / Publisher / Homeless / Beer Seller / Phone Seller /  Trader / Hacktivist / Activist / Film Producer …

And we are quite ready to SHIFT CINEMA.

Paula Onet
Paula Onet

Social Concept Designer / Director

Marion Guth
Marion Guth

Social Impact Expert

Nicolas Blies
Nicolas Blies

Social Concept Designer / Director

Stéphane Hueber-Blies
Stéphane Hueber-Blies

Social Concept Designer / Director

François Le Gall
François Le Gall

Digital Expert