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by Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies and Marion Guth
Interactive experience and Impact campaign

ZERO IMPUNITY is a transmedia project of investigation and activism to end impunity for sexual violence in the current armed conflicts. By deciphering power plays, power relations and judicial failures within states and major institutions, ZERO IMPUNITY reveals why such sexual violence is so rarely condemned.

At the heart of ZERO IMPUNITY, 6 investigative reports question the failures within the major international institutions and states making it impossible to fight against sexual violence. Through exclusive testimonies from alert launchers, victims of sexual violence but also assailants, these investigations plunge us into the mechanisms of impunity at work within the UN and the ICC, or in Ukraine, Syria, the United States and France. As of January 3, 2017, the 6 investigations will be progressively published, one by one, by an international media consortium and on the website.


In partnership with, each investigation is extended by a petition formulating concrete demands, to move the lines. This action campaign will be amplified by the implementation of an innovative digital activism tool: the first 3D interactive march. From March 27, 2017, each signature will be translated into a 3D spokesperson, in real time, and will become an impacting tool of engagement and viralization. This new form of digital activism will take on an urban guerilla dimension, thanks to video projections on facades in strategic spaces.

Finally in September, 2017, the documentary animation film ZERO IMPUNITY (70′) will conclude the ZERO IMPUNITY transmedia project. Through a cinematographic approach and an original production, the film highlights the words of the victims while putting into perspective the stakes of a sclerotic international justice.


Director and scriptwriter

Stéphane is a producer and director at a_BAHN, co-founded with Marion and Nicolas. Graduated in Political Science and Law, Stéphane quickly directs the group’s productions to activist and committed content working on themes such as impunity for sexual violence in curent conflicts, modern slavery, mass tourism or alternative medicines. Stéphane is also involved in developing within a_BAHN a new vision of the company and the profession of audiovisual producer through a militant and modern editorial policy, instilling a new model of governance. Stéphane is currently working on the writing of an original documentary titled “”Trading addict”” mixing personal experience and acerbic criticism of the capitalist system.

Nicolas BLIES
Director and scriptwriter

Nicolas is a producer and director at a_BAHN, co-founded with Marion and Stéphane. Graduate in Political Science and History of Art, Nicolas is a kind of great conductor who works with several other hands on the design of projects. Original and creative, he instills demand, quality and perfection in the projects of a_BAHN. Concerned about the world around him and wishing to invest more he decided to direct the productions a_BAHN towards militant productions and engaged on subjects such as the impunity of sexual violences in the current armed conflicts, modern slavery, mass tourism or alternative medicines.

Marion GUTH
Director and scriptwriter

Marion is the co-founder of a_BAHN, an audiovisual production company specializing in engaged and citizen films. EAVE’s European Producer Workshop alumni, she exclusively directs the activity of a_BAHN towards international productions. In charge of market / festival relationship and creative development, she encourages authors to go as far as possible in their vision and coordinates projects with partners. She also represents a_BAHN at the various bodies of which we are founding members (PXN in Paris) or member of the board (ULPA Luxembourg, Consultative Commission of the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg).